It’s day two of the new year and you may have fitness goals or resolutions that you are keeping up with. It’s so easy to let them go or forget about them when it comes to the third week of January.

Below are 10 ways to keep up with your resolutions.

1) Write down your resolutions

Writing down your resolutions. Putting ink to paper will act like a contract between you and the resolutions. When I look at my resolutions on paper it makes me want to achieve them.

2) Get an accountability partner

Find someone you trust and tell them your resolutions. By telling someone you’ve put it out into the universe. This will either make you feel as if you need to prove you will achieve the resolution and need to follow through, or they may also ask you how it’s going and the guilt will come in when you aren’t doing anything to achieve your resolution.

3) Make an appointment to work on your resolution

Put a reminder in your phone or you calendar for your resolution. If you’ve made a resolution to run five miles a week then make a reminder in your phone to run two miles every Tuesday evening, another reminder to run two miles every Thursday and to run one mile every Saturday.

4) Visualize what you want every morning

Before you get out of bed or when you’re in the shower visualize yourself achieving your resolution or goal. Think about how great you’ll feel at the end of the year or imagine telling people what you’ve achieved. This feel good feeling will make you want to get up and achieve your resolutions.

5) Buy something new to help you achieve your resolution

Sometimes you may need to spend a little dough to help you achieve your resolution. Buy a new workout outfit, trainers or something small such as new hair ties. Buying the gear will make you excited to carrying out your resolutions.

6) Write down your progress

When you’ve completed an activity related to your resolution write it down or put it in your calendar. When you’re feeling a day of laziness looking back at what you’ve achieved can give you the extra oomph you need to get out and conquer your goals.

7) Break the resolution down

You may have set an ambitious resolution, such as run a marathon. Ambitious¬†resolutions¬†are great, but they can be daunting. Break down this goal into smaller achievable steps that will help you conquer it. Your resolution will be the long term goal and break it down to short and medium term goals. Give yourself deadlines to achieve these goals and before you know it you’ll be half way to achieving your goal.

8) Research your resolution

Do some research on your resolution and the benefits of it. You may also find yourself on a forum with other people who are trying to achieve the same goal and tips on how to achieve your resolution. This research and knowing the benefits of achieving your resolution can help you stick to it as you know how great you will feel once you’ve achieved it.

9) Set up a reward system

Sometimes that great feeling and being able to brag about achieving your resolution may not be enough to keep you going. Set up a reward system where you will treat yourself to something after reaching certain milestones. If you’ve made a resolution to go to the gym 3 times a week then at the end of each month give yourself a treat, which could be coffee with a friend or a new workout top. These rewards can keep you going to ensure you achieve your resolution.

10) Ask for help

Finding your resolution too ambitious and overwhelming? Don’t give up! Instead, ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. This could be help from a friend for just support, a personal trainer who can help you make fitness program to help you achieve your goal or even writing on a forum asking for help.

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