Winter is officially here and this usually leads to more time indoors, hearty warm meals and spending time somewhere warm and cozy. The last thing you may want to do is go for a brisk walk or start a new exercise routine. Why not just try to get more physical activity in?

Physical activity is any movement of the body that requires energy. Exercise is more planned, structured and repetitive activities that are carried out to maintain physical fitness.

Physical activity still gives great benefits, such as controls your weight, reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, and strengthens bones and muscles and more.

Below are 10 ways you can become more active without hitting the gym or even putting on workout clothes.

1) Park further away/get off the bus earlier

Get more steps in by parking further away from the office or shop door or get off the bus 1 stop earlier than you usually would. Those extra steps will add up.

2) Walk instead of taking your car

If it’s a nice day and you usually drive to the shop around the corner take a walk instead. That fresh air will feel great as well!

3) Winter cleaning

Forget about spring-cleaning and do a winter clean instead. How nice would that be to wake up Christmas morning in a super clean, clutter free home? Extra room for all the presents!

4) Window Shop

Check out all the Christmas displays or Christmas gifts around the shops even though you have no intention of buying anything. I like looking at all the window displays and the walk, with a break of window shopping, will lead to a lot of walking that you may not even notice!

5) Dance

The winter months usually involve Christmas parties. Get on the dance floor and enjoy the party plus burn those extra calories.

6) Stand and wrap

Do you usually sit when wrapping gifts? Stand instead. Wrap the gifts on your kitchen counter or any counter that is comfortable for you to stand at. Standing will burn more energy than sitting.

7) Get up

Volunteer for all tea runs or even helping get the biscuits out of the cupboard. Standing up and walking to the kitchen will be more physically active than staying on the couch.

8) Rake the leaves

The leaves are falling so get out there and rake up the leaves in your garden. Bonus – your garden looks great afterwards.

9) Take the stairs

Instead of the lift take the stairs all the time. Doing a lot of Christmas shopping? Walk up the escalator instead of standing on it. All those stairs will be great for keeping active and using those leg muscles.

10) Play

Spend time with family members or your pets by going on walks together, playing hide and seek with the kids or even playing charades. Acting out

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